Master assignments

Here you can find a list assignments for TU Delft master student from Aerospace Engineering Faculty, Control and Operations Department. In principle, you should have followed CNS/ATM course before taking on any of my thesis assignments.

Current available assignments

  1. Unpredictability in flight trajectories
  2. ATC radiotelephony voice communication data mining

Open assignment opportunities

If you want to conduct master research in the following area, please contact me.

1. Aircraft surveillance radio frequency

Studies will be focused on analysis of current usage and propose future solutions for better utilization of the radio frequency. Topics can include: security and integrity of the communication, capacity of data link, and surveillance protocol design. Following radio frequencies can be dealt with:

Studies can also focused on one of the specific services using this communication frequencies:

2. Data-driven air traffic analysis

Large-scale of air traffic data are gathered by our Mode S / ADS-B receiver, as well as crowd-sourced networks that we are part of (OpenSky and FlightRadar24). Access to this data enables many aviation studies. Perspective master thesis topics can involve:

3. Performance, optimization, and prediction

Over the past years, we have developed the Open Aircraft Performance Model (OpenAP), a free and open alternative to BADA model. This research domain focus on improving the aircraft performance model, as well as applying the performance model to real use cases. Perspective master thesis can involve:

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