TU Delft / AE / CO / CNS-ATM / Master thesis assignment:

ADS-B signal integrity and security verification

Assignment Description

Mode S one of the most common technologies used for aircraft surveillance. Nowadays, Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) is most adopted Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) service implementation. The openness of Mode S ES has allowed large quantity of data for many applications and researches.

However, one of the main safety concerns regarding ADS-B is that it lacks of inherit security measures. For example, jamming and injection of ADS-B signal by a malicious third party can bee easily achieved. While regulation is the primary method prevent this incidence, some of this security drawback can be mitigated by exploring characteristics of low-level signal.

In this master project, you will develop cost-effective methods to verify and validate ADS-B signal. You will learn to deal with low level signals, designing models to measure signal strength using TU Delft receiver. You will also analyze phases of Mode S signal and using multi-channel receiver to design relevant characteristic models that can be used to verify the integrity of the ADS-B signals.


In addition to related aeronautics background knowledge, we are looking for an MSc student who:


  1. Dr. Junzi Sun (j.sun-1@tudelft.nl)
  2. Prof. Jacco Hoekstra (J.M.Hoekstra@tudelft.nl)

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