Junzi Sun, Ph.D.

About Me

I am a researcher passionate about making air transportation more open and more sustainable . Currently, I am an assistant professor at TU Delft, working and researching in the domain of air traffic management at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty.

I am also one of the Principal Investigators for the Sustainable Aviation Lab, at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty at TU Delft, dealing with aviation environmental impact assessment and providing solutions to reduce flight emissions.

I have authored the book The 1090 Megahertz Riddle. I enjoy creating open-source tools, including pyModeS and OpenAP, which are among the most popular open tools for air traffic management research.

Research interests

  • Air traffic management
  • Aviation sustainability
  • Data science and AI
  • Emission modeling, assessment, and mitigation
  • Policy for future air-ground transport

Teaching at university

  • AE4321 (2020-present): Air Traffic Management
  • IFEEMCS520100 (2022-present): Fundamentals of AI
  • TI3150TU (2021-present): Capstone Applied AI project
  • AE2223 (2017-present): Test, Analysis and Simulation
  • CS4305TU (2020-2021): Applied Machine Learning
  • AE3200 (2020-2021): Design Synthesis

Work experience


Awards and scholarships

Other activities

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