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Active OpenAP: Open Aircraft Performance Model
This project aims at producing a fully open aircraft performance model. The OpenAP is about to model aircraft performance parameters involving kinematic, thrust, drag, and fuel flow. The repository contains all OpenAP databases and a Python implementation that facilitates data access and aircraft performance computation.
Active pyModeS: An Open-source Python Mode-S Decoder
PyModeS is a Python library for decoding and encoding Mode S (including ADS-B) messages. It is an open-source project that receives great support and contributions from the aviation community. This python package can be imported into an existing python project, and it also is used as a standalone tool to view and save live traffic data.
Active Meteo-Particle model Python library
A Python library for wind field estimation based on the Meteo-Particle model. The wind and temperature are obtained from ADS-B and Mode S data using pyModeS.
Active The 1090 Megahertz Riddle: A Guide to Decoding Mode S and ADS-B Signals
This is an open-access book that provides researchers, engineers, and students a practical guide to decoding ADS-B and other types of common Mode S messages.
Active BlueSky: Open air traffic simulator
BlueSky is the open-source Air Traffic Simulation project started by my research group at TU Delft. I contribute to modules that are related to aircraft performance, data feed, wind models, etc.

Project that are no-longer updated

2015 - 2018 World Aircraft Database
Construct a database to search for aircraft IDs (such as ICAO address, and registrations) and related information. It is built in Python / Flask and with data from Flight Radar 24.
2015 - 2019 Flight data processor
A python library to process and analyze ADS-B flight data. It can reconstruct flight trajectories from ADS-B data and identify flight phases.

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