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Master assignments

Assignments are designed for TU Delft Aerospace Engineering master students, who follow the master tracks of the Control and Operations Department.

Contact me for more details if you are interested in any of the assignments.

Current Open MSc Assignments

1. Machine learning and contrails - thesis opportunity with EUROCONTROL (in France)

The Eurocontrol Innovation Hub is looking for a candidate to research on contrail detection using computer vision, using ground cameras and satellite images.

This research will focus on deep learning for computer vision, as well as aviation sustainability related to contrails.

Contact me for more information.

2. ADS-B and satellites - thesis opportunities with AISTECH (in Spain)

There a few thesis opportunities in collaboration with AISTECH (https://aistechspace.com/), where you can work on ADS-B, signal processing, or application of ADS-B in weather modeling.

Contact me for more information.

3. Stochastic approach to handle uncertainty in non-linear optimal control trajectory optimization

Improving the open trajectory optimization framework (https://github.com/junzis/openap-top) by addressing the uncertainties in objective function, such Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Global Temperature Potential (GTP). Developing new stochastic approaches for the optimization problem.

4. Three Dimentional Wind Field Reconstruction and Prediction Using Neural Networks

This thesis will build upon existing U-Net neural network for single flight level wind assimilation. The research will explore new machine learning models for 3D wind field reconstruction and predictions.

5. Aircraft detection and laser avoidance system for satellites

A joint MSc thesis with SpE department.

The thesis assignment is an interdisciplinary challenge that aims to predict aircraft trajectories and satellite orbit while understanding the uncertainties in these predictions. The research objectives are to track airplanes using ADS-B system and provide short-term predictions with uncertainty bounds. It also aims to determine satellite orbits and estimate uncertainty bands, including pointing uncertainties and error models. (see more assignment details)

See previous and ongoing assignments on research page.

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